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Bio U: A new business in 12 weeks

When crop protection company BASF bought innocculant specialist Becker Underwood, they faced a big challenge in bringing their team up to speed. The new product offering was, although complementary, completely different than the crop protection products they were used to selling. And they had 12 weeks.

Starting with the premise that the most effective training had been done by one individual, we set out to replicate his technique. Sitting in as surrogate trainees, we video recorded the training. The key takeaways were that it was direct, concise, simplified with strong analogies, illustrated with marker drawings and interspersed with humour. Then we set out to replicate it. The result was pure edutainment.

We began by creating a character to bring life to the lessons, and so Professor Beaker Overstone was born.

Professor Overstone is a knowledgeable, and capable teacher…with a vain streak. He is an expert on biological innocculants and he teaches at the famed Bio U.

A Learning Management System was developed to allow managers to monitor the progress of their staff.

The content was designed to be consumed in 5 minutes or less and was mobile friendly ensuring that staff could keep up with their training no matter where they were.

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