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Cardinal Health: Database to catalogue

Sometimes in the haste to get to the next big thing, you discover that the rest of the world isn’t running at your pace. Cardinal Health had moved their substantial product catalogue online…but some of their customers wanted the old binders.

The database was the cornerstone of their online ordering program and the company had invested significantly in its development. When some customers indicated that they missed the substantial binders they used to receive – and that having the binders made them more likely to use the online ordering system – there was only one option. 

After meeting with their team to understand the technical specifications of their data, we sourced a solution to print directly from the online database. This would ensure that the catalogues would be as up to date as the online data at the time of printing. Of course nothing is quite that turnkey. We then worked with client to clean their data to prepare it for processing.

In the course of preparing the data, an unexpected benefit was that the data set was thoroughly cleansed and, in addition to having a printed catalogue, Cardinal Health has a robust data set as well as the protocol to continually print catalogues from a master database.


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