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Dairy Farmers of Ontario: Total market comprehension

One of the hallmarks of a successful organization is the willingness to constantly challenge the validity of their marketing assumptions, even the successful ones. So, when the Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) asked us to help them determine if the market was changing, we were excited to help.

We designed a comprehensive market research initiative to ascertain the dairy market dynamics, identifying four opportunities for insights that could enable the DFO board to take action to meet their goals.

All data was gathered through a variety of methodologies and compiled into a single report. Additionally, an Executive Summary presented our strategic and tactical recommendations in each area of study: Social Media Monitoring, Consumer Awareness Survey, Online Focus Groups and Grocery Retailer Interviews.

Online Focus Groups

Small-population interviews were conducted to discover motivations behind beliefs and opinions on existing communication. Each focus group had a specific demographic make-up to allow a cross-sectional analysis.

Consumer Surveys

Large-population questionnaires were used to identify beliefs and biases in the market. The objective of the research was to explore Ontarians’ milk consumption habits and understand the effectiveness of the current advertising campaigns.

Ethnic Dairy Investigations

Individual interviews with stakeholders in the ethnic grocery community allowed us to determine market potential.We searched the dairy cases and shelves of 20 grocery stores and interviewed dairy managers, staff and even a few customers.

We continuously tracked online discussions about the Ontario dairy industry.

Over a period of 7.5 months we identified conversation trends and market opportunities.

As a direct result of our recommendations, the DFO has successfully implemented many changes in their marketing strategies and tactics.

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