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Southwestern Public Health: Complete integration

Resulting from a merger between two public health units, Southwestern Public Health needed support to market its new brand across multiple regions and build credibility in the ever-changing healthcare landscape in Ontario.

We worked closely with their in-house communication and program team to maximize brand exposure through well-planned, curated content that would reach target audiences on all channels available. To do this, we audited their communication efforts and developed strategic purposes for each channel – for example, why use Facebook, what could be accomplished, and what audience-driven messages would work best for this channel. A process to audit internal and external communication efforts was also done to establish and introduce best practices for employee engagement, stakeholder relations and content strategy for reaching all audiences most effectively.

SWPH experienced significant increases in social media engagements and higher website traffic per program.

In a 7-day stretch, the Inspections Program campaign earned more website traffic than the entire organization’s homepage during the same period.

Registrations increase by 30% in the Smoking Cessation Program.

Compelling Facebook dark ads targeted to specific regions coupled with an in-person street activation event resulted in a 30% increase in registrations.

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