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Tapped Muskoka: Digital revival

After a successful launch Tapped Muskoka’s growth started to stall. They came to us with two requests, design and build a website, and provide strategy for acquiring additional distributors and retailers.

Tapped Muskoka had minimal online presence and needed a platform to help distributors, retailers, and consumers better understand the brand. We conducted an audit of their existing marketing materials, created audience and brand personas, presented mood boards and provided creative brand direction. We then launched the brand’s first website which included a distinct retailer section and a much needed where to buy section. The new site was key when reaching out to potential retailers and industry influencers. Reviving their social media presence was accomplished by executing a planned content calendar.

Consumer engagement across all social media platforms saw a steady increase.

Since the launch of their new site, Tapped has secured product distribution with a major Canadian grocer.

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